Flying North–Already?

As I was having my morning coffee, I noticed through the large half-moon window in my living room wave after V-formation wave of geese flying overhead. Were they going to the lake around the corner from my house or farther on to Lake Texoma? Not sure. It’s early for them to be headed north, but that’s the direction they were headed. Geese migrate to southern Texas but they don’t usually fly back north until around April. (Some geese hang around on the Texas golf courses, even through part of the summer, which doesn’t make golfers too happy.) I hope the unusually warmer winter hasn’t confused them. I feel like yelling out the door, Hey, wait, it’s only January!

3 thoughts on “Flying North–Already?

  1. We have huge flocks of small birds that have refused to go south. I never saw such flocks. But God in his mercy gave them a voice of wisdom. They appear to be waiting till they get the Spirits okay


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