Snowflakes and Us

It’s snowing! Though snow is not welcome everywhere, watching snowflakes fall is a treat here in Texas. No two snowflakes are alike, said Wilson Bentley, the man who studied snowflakes. Each snowflake you see is a unique design and when it melts, that design is gone forever. Thinking about that makes me a little sad, but then I remember our Creator has an endless store of designs. Each one of us is uniquely designed. No one past, present or future will be like you or me. But when we are gone, one thing for certain is, unlike snowflakes, our personal model was designed to live forever!

Do Not Fear!

Hundreds of times throughout the Scriptures people are encouraged not to be afraid. Jesus often said, Do not be afraid. Angels are reported to say the same. (If I were approached by an angel, I would be a little shaky too!) At times in my life I have been fearless. You can probably guess about what age that was! But as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned bad things can happen to all of us. We have reason to be afraid; the world we live in is a mess. Yet Jesus says, Do not be afraid. Our comfort is in the knowledge he will never leave us alone. No matter what this life throws at us, he is right there at our side. Thank you, Lord!

Its Bananas!

My daughter ordered one bunch of organic bananas on her online grocery takeout. When she unloaded her bags she found only one banana! So next time she ordered three bananas. You guessed it, she received three large bunches of bananas! We laughed about it, although now we’re trying to give away dozens of bananas before they go bad. There’s only so much banana bread one can make or eat. I love living in Texas!

A Matter of Faith

He healed the sick, walked on water, turned water into wine and calmed stormy seas. His disciples watched in awe at the miracles Jesus performed. It’s no wonder they asked him to increase their faith. Don’t we all need more faith! But how? The disciples knew. They went to the source. They went to the same person we must all look to for the faith we lack. We should know by now faith can’t be worked up on our own. More prayer and Bible study, even fasting won’t do it. The faith we require is through our close relationship with our Savior through the Holy Spirit.

Squirrelly Facts

When I see a squirrel burying its treasure in my backyard, I think good luck, buddy, in finding that acorn this winter. Squirrels can’t possibly find all the stuff they bury. That’s why we have little oaks sprouting up here and there. But this morning when I opened my blinds, one of the little buddies was digging furiously next to one of my patio stones. His back was turned so I couldn’t see what he found, but he began munching away on whatever it was. He proved my theory wrong, at least this time. In spite of popular belief, sometimes squirrels do find what they bury.

God’s Expectations

How do you rate your life this last year? Did you live up to your expectations? Did you accomplish all your goals? How about New Year’s resolutions? Will 2023 be any different from 2022? If you’re like me, you may feel you’ve fallen short. But one thing you can be sure of, you did live up to God’s expectations. When God looks at you, angels sing and spiritual doves fly! When he looks at you, he sees you in his Son, the real you he created with your personality, talents and abilities, and he says, This is my beloved son or daughter in whom I am well pleased!

Christmas Lights

For some reason I’m having a hard time taking down my Christmas decorations this year. Maybe it’s because we couldn’t get together because of the flu, but I think it’s more than that. Everywhere I look I see something that reminds me of the most special gift of Christmas, our Savior. A nativity scene on the fireplace mantle, another on my coffee table and a plaque on the wall depicting the journey of the Christ family, all give me a sense of peace and joy. And, there’s the lights! The sparkling trees inside and the lighted houses outside. Our glowing neighborhood is going dark again. Though Christmas is over, Lord, may we always cling to the true light that is our Savior!

Christmas Returns

A Christmas card came back today with no forwarding address. A couple of families who had moved sent me cards with their new addresses, but this one hadn’t. It made me sad because now I’d lost contact with her. I did not know her well but her late husband was a relative so I wanted to stay in touch. Then I thought, maybe I have her phone number, and I did! When I called, she was happy to hear from me and we reminisced about her dear husband. I’m pretty sure this was one of those days when someone needed a phone call. God is so good!

Unexpected Gifts

“Take as a gift whatever the day brings forth.” Though originally from Roman lyric poet Horace, you’ve probably read this in inspirational Christian writings. Our family Christmas this year is an apt example. Idaho family flew down a week early to meet up with Texas family for a get-together. Then, calamity struck, one of the grandchildren came down with the flu. The next few days, like a chain of dominoes, other family members fell sick as well. No Christmas get-together this year! Where’s the gift in that? I know, not easy to find, but if we had all been together when the child was contagious, multiple more family members would have been exposed. I’m thankful!

Just a Girl

She was just a girl. Girls weren’t highly valued in her culture, so imagine her surprise to be visited by an angel! The message Gabriel brought was even more amazing. God had chosen her to be the mother of the long-awaited Messiah. She could have said, not me, no way, but she didn’t, she only asked how. When Gabriel explained how, she said, let it be so. And, then it was so. This devout young girl, spiritual mature for her age, agreed to bear this special child without a husband. In spite of the derisions to her reputation and humiliating gossip this decision would bring, if it was God’s will, it was her will. Thus, she will always be known as Mary, the mother of God!