How to Overcome?

Are you still trying to overcome on your own? You know what I mean. All those ideas on how to trick yourself into doing better, whether it’s how to keep your resolutions or hold your tongue or control your thoughts. And then finding in the long term none of them work? Maybe that’s not your problem, but I have to admit it’s been mine. I’ve had to learn if I want to experience the Christian life as it was meant to be, the only way is to stay close to our Savior. Repentance means a total radical life change and that can’t be done on our own. Looking to ourselves to measure if we’re more righteous today than yesterday is self-defeating and discouraging. Pray with him, meditate on his words, stay close to him. Walk with him in faith that he has already done for us what we couldn’t accomplish on our own. Our righteousness is in him.

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