They Are Confusing

As I was driving in to do my grocery pickup, I saw some guineas alongside the road. That’s not a sight I see every day. As I drove on, I wondered what you call a “flock” of guineas. I know you call a number of geese a gaggle and crows a murder, but what about guineas. FYI, they are called a confusion of guineas and their babies are called keets. Now I’ll bet we both know something we didn’t know before. They are funny birds, not like chickens. (New owners who don’t know this are in for quite a surprise.) They make loud, annoying chipping sounds constantly, and they can fly really well. So they like to roost in trees and roam around wherever they like. That’s why not only do I have to watch out for loose cattle, donkeys and horses, I have to slow down for guineas! I love living in Texas!

2 thoughts on “They Are Confusing

  1. Our friends in Minnesota had guineas too the thing that surprised me was that they can fly. I guess in my head, I just assumed since they were domesticated they would be flightless like the chickens, ducks & geese. I agree they are VERY loud. I think the only bird I can think of that may be louder are peafowl both cocks & hens.

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