What Kind of Man

From the beginning, he knew who would betray him. When he chose all 12 of his disciples, he knew Judas would hand him over to his enemies and Peter would deny him three times and when the going got rough, all of them would desert him and run for their lives. Yet he chose these 12 men to be his closest companions and beloved friends. He put up with their squabbles and their intolerance and other clueless behaviors for more than three years and loved them anyway. That understanding gives me so much comfort and hope. I make mistakes. He forgives and loves me anyway. I say things I regret. He forgives and loves me anyway. I’m old and not active in his service as in years past. He doesn’t care and loves me anyway. What kind of man is this! His name is Jesus! How can I thank him—go and do the same, love them anyway.

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