Master of None

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “Jack of all trades; master of none.” That’s how I feel when it comes to languages. I had to study several languages back in my academic years, including French, German and Hebrew (Hebrew is really hard!), yet I’m master of none. I’ve studied Spanish for years and I’m no closer to being fluent than ever. I’m once again taking a Spanish course online from our local college. Hola! Como estas! I’ve done it before traveling to a Spanish-speaking country, but this time I’m just refreshing my memory. Yes, I know it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get fluent when not staying in a Spanish-speaking country, but I’m trying—again. Here in Texas, a lot of people speak Spanish, but they’re all trying to learn English! I admire them, because even with my struggles in Spanish, I believe English is harder to learn. So I keep speaking English to them. Oh well, it’s not as if I’m going traveling anywhere anyway.

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