Looking to God

I heard him before I saw him, croaking out a warning to a flock of crows. He sat on the top of the spillway, craned forward, focused on the water below. I say him—or her—a blue heron waiting for an unlucky fish. As I walked on the trail below the dam, he paid no attention to me. He had breakfast on his mind. So did I. The morning was so pleasant I decided to take a walk before breakfast. It made me compare what I had to do for my food with what the heron had to do. During this epidemic, before I drive the 10 miles to town, I inventory my pantry and refrigerator and order groceries online. The cost is automatically deducted from my credit card. At the store my groceries are put in the back of my car. Then I drive home, unload my groceries and prepare my food. By this time, the heron has probably filled his belly with fresh fish and gone on about his business. But it reminded me that no matter how we creatures are fed, one thing remains the same, we all look to God for our sustenance.

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