How Are You?

Every so often I like to ask how everyone’s doing. We’ve had record-breaking heat, massive hurricanes, racial unrest and nastiest of all, a deadly worldwide virus. After people you know and love start being affected, even the jokes going around about 2020 seem less funny somehow. Some wonder if God is trying to get our attention. Maybe he has had enough of us and our problems. If we were being graded as a nation or as a world, I’m sure we would come up short. Some feel estranged from God, as if he’s turned his back on them personally. But we have no need to worry, we can be assured God will never turn his back on us, not as an individual or as a world. How can I know that? Because along with carrying our sinful burdens to the cross with him, Jesus suffered that horror for us as well. He suffered the painful agonies of feeling God had turned his back on him so we don’t have to.

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