Letting Go

Several years ago I sold the last horse I will probably ever own or will ever ride. It pains me to say that, but I have to be realistic. Letting go of anything you love is hard. All of us in this pandemic are suffering losses of one kind or another. We wish we could be with our families and friends more. We miss going to church, face-to-face church, not just virtual. Although I thank God we have the technological options that allow us to worship online. It’s been half a year now and you probably know someone who has had or is suffering from COVID-19. I know I do—close family members as well as others. Are there any positives? Maybe what we have materially doesn’t mean as much as before. Perhaps we’ve had time to reevaluate our busy schedules and let something go. Or could it be we’re realizing, no matter who we are or where we live or what our race or religion, we’re all in this together. Let’s look for the positives.

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