I don’t have bees in my bonnet, I have wasps in my attic! Every so often I noticed a wasp in the house and wondered how it got in. The little intruders are red wasps so they aren’t aggressive, but a bug is a bug. When I saw some fly from the half-moon window in my living room, I had new grout put around the window. They still showed up. Then a couple more were up on a ceiling vent in the master bathroom. This happened several times, so I checked outside my house. Aha! Wasps were coming and going from the roof outside the bathroom. They were coming in through a hole under a shingle. As much as I hate pesticides, I had to call an exterminator to get rid of the nest and then another guy to seal up the hole in the roof. Though wasps may be just little bugs, getting rid of them can sure be a headache–and expensive!

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