Missed Again!

Hurried to get my camera, but too late. A couple of pileated woodpeckers are coming to my birdbath every day. They’re the largest of the Texas woodpeckers, black with a red crest on their heads and white streaks across their faces, so they’re hard to miss. Except when you want to take their photo! I love watching them. But not everyone cares for woodpeckers. One of my sons-in-law is an example. He and my daughter have a house with cedar siding so woodpeckers live up to their name and can create large holes in the cedar. He’s dashed out to run them off so often even the grandkids recognize their call and shout “woodpecker” when they hear them. What marvelous creatures God has created! It’s obvious he loves variety, whether in beetles, birds or beasts. All his designs are originals too, and that includes you and me.

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