Divine Obsession

Obsessions can be popular entertainment for us. You know what I mean, the old Monk series on TV where the character is so afraid of deadly germs and has regular routines that must be followed exactly. The movies Rainman and As Good as It Gets showed other examples. We kid around about some women’s obsessions with shoes or for men, even more tools. (Stereotypes, I know. Not all women or all men fit those descriptions.) Well, you won’t believe who else has an obsession problem. It’s God! God is obsessed with us! I heard this in a sermon one time. From the time he created us, God just can’t leave us alone, no matter what we do to try to ignore him. The closest I can imagine obsession was over my children, but even then, though my love and concern for them never ceases, I had to let them go their own way. God never lets us go. We may run but we can’t hide. He won’t give up on us—not ever.

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