A Discerning Spirit

While reading through the Gospels, this time in the Message paraphrase, the disciples’ lack of discernment stands out to me again. I understand some of their confusion at what Jesus says, but when he tells them plainly, over and over, that he will suffer and die at the hands of the religious hierarchy and the Romans, they don’t get it. Is it because they don’t want to believe it? They have their own grandiose ideas about how the kingdom will come about and imagine their lofty positions in it. Their plans don’t include a dead Jesus hanging on a cross. It made me wonder about myself. Is God trying to tell me something, over and over, and I still don’t get it? Am I ignoring or confused or don’t want to believe what he’s saying? My prayer, Lord, give me a spirit of discernment!

2 thoughts on “A Discerning Spirit

  1. Am reading through Revelation…. read about the seven spirits of God, discussed with a friend who referred me to OT scripture listing spirits of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, counsel, strengths, reverence and obedience. I found that both comforting and exciting….. how can we live by fear instead of love with His Spirit leading us? But we seek to know more daily!! Love ya!

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