Quarantine Intentions

This virus quarantine made me think about the apostle Paul. Whenever he was imprisoned, he wrote a major part of the New Testament scriptures. It’s likely his longer imprisonments were confinements under a guard, such as house arrests, but whatever they were, they didn’t stop him from encouraging the various churches and sharing the gospel. Now that I’ve been in isolation for almost half a year, I’m asking myself, what have I done with the extra time? You’ve probably seen the jokes. Those who said they were going to write a book or learn a new language or lose 10 pounds during quarantine, but five months later no book, no new language and 10 pounds heavier, not lighter! Of course, there’s something to be said for taking a break from the usual routines. I got to thinking why not use my extra bits of time working on my relationships, with my family, friends and neighbors, but especially with my Lord. Love to all! Stay safe!

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