Take a Break!

Though my life in retirement is way less busy than when I worked full time, my whole week is still planned for the weekend. My Saturdays and Sundays I try to leave free for church and anything else I feel like doing. So no laundry or cleaning or yardwork on the weekends, unless I really want to, and I usually don’t. It’s a time to read as much as I want or watch an old British detective mystery or take a nap, guilt free. Before the virus, I regularly met friends for dinner at a restaurant on Saturday evenings as well. It’s my freedom from my somewhat structured lifestyle, a lifestyle I can’t seem to totally set aside. Some sense of order and structure is good, but I believe freedom in Christ includes freedom from our own hurried (and harried) obsessive behavior too. So, it’s OK to take a break and take time for yourself. I know some of you can’t take two days off, but even God took a Sabbath rest!

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