Self-giving Love

One of my dear aunts grew up in an orphanage. When we visited her and my uncle, she always made sure we were well fed. She was constantly concerned we weren’t getting enough to eat. Even my children noticed, as they happily ate whatever cookies or other sweets she gave them. It made me wonder if she had gone without enough food at times in her life. It seemed to her food equaled love. My husband hired an engineer from China years ago, and afterward, he and his wife (now a doctor) began showering us with gifts. They were so appreciative Ed hired him, even though his English was limited, so they kept giving us gifts. Finally, I had to say, no more gifts! Giving gifts was the way they showed how grateful they were. I receive intricate, handmade cards from a couple of my friends, and I believe putting that much time in creating something beautiful for others shows love. Though love can be shown in many ways, love is always outgoing, away from self. And, it always costs someone something.

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