What Comes Naturally

In the hot, dry summer months I refresh the water in the birdbath when I pick up my newspaper each morning. Almost as soon as I’m back in the house a bird shows up, tentatively looks around and after deciding it’s safe, happily splashes away in the water. This morning it was Mr. blue jay first, then his wife. After the blue jays and the cardinals and, of course, the crows finish, the titmouse, wrens and sparrows take their turns. Sometimes a squirrel runs them all off, except for the crows. There’s no first come, first served or waiting in line, it’s who is the biggest and the baddest who gets to use the birdbath. Nature is beautiful and wondrous, but it’s survival of the fittest out there, just the opposite of how Jesus says we should act. We can’t blame the critters for doing what comes naturally, but even for us who know better, it’s not easy to think of others before ourselves. Jesus knew that, of course. His command was to love others as we love ourselves. Still not easy!

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