Young and Innocent

When I opened the shutters on my glass door this morning, the sudden movement startled a young rabbit on my walkway. It didn’t see me so it continued to nose around my porch. The little one was exploring its world. I thought it might hop up on the porch, but it stayed below, occasionally peeping up over the side to look around. So young and so bright-eyed innocent. I wish I could have warned it to watch its back. Most rabbits don’t last long in my yard because of coyotes in the woods behind my house. It may look inviting and peaceful, little one, but it’s a dangerous world out there.

One thought on “Young and Innocent

  1. There was a cute little bunny in our back yard this morning too – he seemed not to notice I was there so I stopped and watched him for a few minutes. They are cute creatures but, like you say, likely not long for this world in my back yard either.


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