Time of Growth

When the two fig bushes in my backyard started sprouting leaves this spring, I noticed no figs, just leaves. Usually tiny fig bumps sprout along with the leaves. We had had a stretch of dry weather so I wondered if I would have figs this year. But now, after all the rain in the last month or so the tiny figs are showing up! There’s also an abundance of blackberries on the vines on the back fence, guarded by chiggers that attack every time I pick the juicy berries. As I think of God’s faithfulness to his creation, which he continually maintains in spite of the damage we humans wreak on it, I marvel. I’m not one to talk to my plants, but when I see them growing and flourishing and bearing fruit, I sense the spiritual creative acts of God. God is not a god who creates and then goes off somewhere, leaving his creation on its own. No, he is closer to us than we can imagine, always sustaining, always creating, always there loving us. Thank you, Lord!

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