Still Wearing a Mask

Many, including friends and neighbors, are beginning to be less cautious about social distancing. Actually, some aren’t social distancing at all, which bothers me. It’s as if there were no pandemic. This is not a conspiracy or a left or right political issue. Thousands of people are dying every day in this country! I realize not everyone agrees with the CDC safety standards, but I’m still wearing a mask and staying out of public places as much as possible. Not for me, but for those I come in contact with. We don’t know for sure if we’re carrying the virus or not. I realize not everyone can stay isolated, but for those of us who can, let’s follow the guidelines. Let’s respect those essential people who have to be out on the front lines in this crisis. How awful if my lack of cautious concern resulted in someone suffering or even dying from this awful disease!

2 thoughts on “Still Wearing a Mask

  1. Sheila, I hated the isolation too, so early on texted neighbors on our five house street and set up Tuesday evening meetings….. drag up a camp chair, sit at the street meet and greet (loudly of course) social distancing parties. I had to drop out when my left knee left so right on the day doctors could take non-essential patients, my orthopedist set me a one week out surgery for complete knee replacement. So, I also had the opportunity to interact with the medical community here at the small hospital where the entire floor below mine was dedicated to covid-19 patients…lots of opportunity to encourage and pray for them…and make them laugh since I am funnier than ever when on those kind of pain meds. SO, now I have to go out, wear a mask, etc. Yesterday, I tied a bandana on my purse handle which I will do for the rest of the year… statement for a happy Texan AND a mask to put on to ease anyone’s fears. Love you!!


    1. Wow, knee replacement at this time! So sorry you’ve had this on top of everything else. But you’ve not lost your sense of humor! God knew those other patients needed you around for their encouragement! ❤️


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