How Are You Doing?

It’s going on a month now. How are you? As I imagine you isolated as I am from friends and family, I wonder how you’re doing. Are you working on projects around the house you’ve put off? Learning a new language? Reading more? Or maybe, along with your regular chores, you’re working from home and home schooling your children? Perhaps some of you are on the front lines working in essential jobs so the rest of us can stay home. (Thank you!) Whatever your answer, all our lives are dramatically different from what they were only a month ago. I’m not complaining, for many reasons, but mainly because some of my family and friends are facing much worse than being quarantined. As one of those who is healthy, sheltered and fed, I thank God daily for his abounding blessings and mercy. He is not far from any of us. He is right here with us through whatever we are facing. He is love!


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