It Was Her Birthday

It was her birthday, but she came around to my backyard with a small chocolate cake, with sprinkles! I was working to get rid of fire ants, which is an ongoing job in Texas. She put the cake on my patio table and we visited at the proper distance. Who makes cakes for the neighbors on their own birthday? My neighbor Sue. As we near Resurrection Sunday, her act of love brought to mind our Savior’s supreme act of selfless love for us. We didn’t do anything to deserve it. We owed everything to him instead. At the very end Christ prayed his Father might come up with another option for him. After all, Isaac was spared at the last second. Jesus had seen crucifixions. He knew what was in store. But when the answer was no, he resolutely went forward to his fate, taking on himself what we, you and I, deserved. Thank you, Lord, for our redemption, our justification and our reconciliation with the Father, gifts so priceless they cost you your life in the most horrible, tortuous, humiliating way possible. Though I’m eternally grateful, it still hurts my heart!


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