What’s Going On?

My image of myself is this organized, structured person. I even have a schedule for checking email or Twitter or Face Book on my mobile. (That doesn’t count texts from family and friends.) Or maybe I should say, I did have a schedule! Under the circumstances, it’s all but disappeared. If my phone dings, I’m checking it. Forget any schedule. I want to see photos and laugh at jokes and hear how my family and friends are doing. One of my friends says she could live like the monks of old, alone for years at a time. I seriously doubt that, because she sure enjoyed getting out for dinner with me and other friends several times a week before this came up. I believe God included a desire to communicate as part of our human nature. He wanted us to need to communicate, with him and with each other. How wonderful to understand our Savior sacrificed himself so we could be reconciled into a deep intimate relationship with our Father! Thank you, Lord! Did I just hear a ding?

2 thoughts on “What’s Going On?

  1. What a blessing it is to have so many different ways to keep in touch because of the technology. I got over my hesitation to show my face on line this week! Facetime with family is not like back slapping hugs and meals together, but it sure beats what my parents and grandparents would have had if this happened when they were my age!!!!


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