A Mind of Her Own

Something was in the street. Too big for a squirrel and too hairy. Was it a cat or what? So I slowed way down. It was a dog, a Yorkie! I honked my horn, several times, just to be ignored. So I had to fully stop. She had decided to relieve herself right there, in her chosen spot, in the middle of my lane. Did she care I had to stop traffic for her? Not a bit. She didn’t give me the favor of a glance, just squatted in front of me and the cars waiting behind me. Then nose in air, she trotted off, back onto the sidewalk and grassy yard beyond. Thankfully, she didn’t take long! I’ve not owned a Yorkie myself so looked them up. Among their description were these gems: “They can be little divas!” “They can be very opinionated, so they dislike the leash ‘telling them what to do’ and may dart this way and that, or refuse to walk at all.” Housebreaking? They were top of the list of hardest breeds to housebreak. Now I know why that Yorkie wouldn’t move out of the street, and why my son’s and daughter-in-law’s Yorkie, Kramer, failed doggie obedience school!


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