Barbeque and Cake

We met at an old Texas barbeque place on Hwy. 82. They’re closed inside but hooked up their drive-in units so we could order from our cars. Not sure how long those old speakers had been disconnected, but they had them back up and running. I hadn’t seen my friends for a month or more, so it was good to have lunch and visit from our car windows. They looked the same except Jerry needed a haircut. I didn’t say anything, but if he can’t find someone to cut it soon, it’s going to be longer than Paula’s. She keeps her hair very short. We got together for B.J.’s birthday, and believe it or not, she made a cake and shared it with all of us. What’s with this baking and sharing your own birthday cake? That’s the second time it’s happened to me this month. Not that I’m complaining. Seeing old friends, sharing a meal, celebrating a birthday together—I hope I never take these blessings for granted again.


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