Lord, Have Mercy!

Some years ago my kids got me a world globe for Christmas. It’s really large, like you might see in a library and it rotates in a stand. Sometimes I put my hand on it and pray. I looked over at it while writing this and thought I need to do that again. I pray for this world daily anyway, but sometimes it helps to turn the globe back and forth and around and think about all the countries and peoples that need God. As I’ve said, I’ve isolated myself because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but I have nothing to complain about. Here I am warm and cozy, listening to slow jazz music and contemplating life. A little later I’ll be putting together a meatloaf that will last me several days. The majority of people in this world are lacking enough food and clean water just to survive. And what about all the refugees from war-torn areas trying to find safety for their families, or even closer to home, the homeless who live under our bridges and sleep on park benches in all kinds of weather. These people are already suffering and now this. Lord, have mercy!


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