A Cat Story

With so many working from home, I’ve seen a lot of jokes about dogs being happy about it and cats not so much. But now I wonder. When one of my daughters and I decided to visit this week, me in my car, her in her driveway, six feet apart, the neighbor’s grey cat came over to join us. Obviously accustomed to a lot of love, it put on a little show of rolling over, a definite clue for a belly rub. After several such rollovers, it tried to rub against my daughter’s legs. She’s allergic so had to back away. What’s wrong with these humans? My cute cat tricks aren’t working. So it meowed at us. Finally, it hopped up on the hood of my car and proceeded to make its way into my car window. Oh no, I gently pushed it back. But this cat was persistent; it tried again. We had to realize our visit was over. I raised my window and we said our goodbyes. So, now I believe although many cats may be introverts, some cats are definitely extroverts!


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