Love Your Neighbor

How are you? I hope okay in the midst of the ongoing health crisis. As we’ve all heard our medical personnel and health experts are asking us to stay home. As I’m on the most susceptible list, I’ve decided to isolate myself from large gatherings for now. I’m really going to miss seeing my church family every week. (Our pastor has canceled services and is sharing messages online.) Also, I’m not meeting my friends for our weekly get-togethers at local restaurants. That’s going to be hard too. But, you know, it would be a lot harder being exposed and learning you’ve spread it to your family and friends. No, I’m not panicking. I haven’t hoarded paper products or food. I have enough to last for a few weeks and I can always order online. After all, I’m just being asked to stay out of crowds. Our police, military, medical and other service providers can’t do that, bless their hearts, but I can.


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