Not My Will, But Yours

Facing torture and death by Roman crucifixion, Christ ended his prayerful supplication by relinquishing his will to his Father’s will. He did this, fully aware of what it meant for him personally. One of my favorite authors, C.S. Lewis, mentioned three classes of people. (I’m paraphrasing.) The first aren’t concerned about God’s will at all and live only for their own pleasure, the second are Christians who are concerned about doing God’s will but wonder how much it’s going to cost them, and the third have the mind of Christ and have given up self all together. He said most of us fit in the second category. Ouch! When I am praying I have to admit I’m really hoping God sees situations the same way I do. But, over the years I’ve learned his will includes what’s best for everyone, not just me. Not everything that happens to us is God’s will, of course. Many times I’ve gotten myself into situations he has had to rescue me from. But, you know what, he always does!

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