Introspection or Celebration?

I’m fairly new at this. What’s this Lenten season all about? Is it a time for introspection or celebration? I’ve read comments about various fasts, food and otherwise, and suggested items to give up during Lent. I’m giving up a book a day to remind me of Christ’s sacrifice so the whole world could be in relationship with God. That’s certainly worth celebrating. But, last Sunday our pastor spoke about taking inventory to see if we have any personal wounds that need Christ’s healing. He said unhealed, deep-seated hurts and wounds can affect how we react to others and how we see ourselves as well. Though he didn’t mention Lent (not our tradition), inviting Christ in to take that inventory at this time might be a good idea. (This sounds painful!) But then I’ve also read these days preceding Resurrection Sunday should be a joyful time. After all, it’s our salvation we’re talking about, our freedom from sin, guilt and shame. I’ve come to the conclusion remembering Jesus’ sacrifice should bring us to our knees to rid ourselves of whatever is taking away the joy and peace he means for us to have.

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