Alone Time

When I volunteer at the hospice office, it’s when the entire staff is attending a meeting at their headquarters in another town, so I’m all alone. Ordinarily it’s not busy so I’m good to read or write or meditate if I want. I like that. I treasure my alone time. You would think being retired and living alone would be enough alone time for me, but at home I’m surrounded by distractions, things that need to be done. You know what I mean. How often do we have a large block of uninterrupted time. It made me think of my Savior who had little or no alone time. He and his disciples often used a boat to get away from the crowds. Even to be alone with his Father and pray he would have to hike up into the Judaean hills. Mobbed by people constantly, always accompanied by his disciples, he must have longed for some alone time, yet he sacrificed his alone time for others.

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