Kibbles to You!

It’s in our local newspaper. He’s pledged himself to eat dog food for one month, right up to Super Bowl Sunday. It’s his own commercial dog food that he’s touting, against big brand names like Alpo or Purina. He wants to show his dog food is so well balanced nutritionally that humans can live on just that, like dogs do. He’s added nothing, no sauces or seasonings and he’s drinking only water. He says he feels “fantastic” and has lost 20 pounds. Quote: “We’re not going to feed your dog something we wouldn’t eat ourselves.” I’m trying to see the logic in this. It sounds like really good dog food, but why does dog food have to be OK for humans too? Yes, he admits it’s a marketing ploy. When asked how his dog food tastes, he said, “About like it smells.” I love living in Texas!

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