Have a Good Day!

“Have a good day!” Or “Drive safe!” Those are a couple of autophrases I use when someone leaves. And, though I say them almost automatically, I mean what I say. But, how about when I say, “I’ll pray for you.” That one bothers me. What if it has turned into an autophrase (made-up word) like those others? What if I go on my way and forget all about praying for that person or situation? That’s scary to me! Facebook requests make up one of my prayer lists. Every Sunday there’s a list from church. And, of course, family situations come up. To help me remember, I’ve made lists on my phone and computer, but my prayer lists can get very long. It’s not hard remembering family and close friends, but what about the others? I’m so thankful God knows what everyone needs and, what’s most important, he never forgets! Lord, have mercy!

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