The Scent of Forgiveness

Years ago someone gave me an Apples of Gold book. Actually it’s a daily flip-type selection of quotes from the book. I’ve used it ever since. Unfortunately its quotes aren’t attributed so if I want to know who said or wrote them I have to look them up. Today’s quote: “Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that crushed it.” What a lovely way to express forgiveness I thought, so I looked up the author. I was surprised the author was Mark Twain. Twain’s quotes are often witty and can be a bit cynical. But his beautiful analogy made me ask myself, is there anyone I haven’t forgiven? This is a new year and it would be nice to think I have started it out by clearing my list of those who have wronged me in any way. It’s easy to say I have, but I’m asking the Holy Spirit to search my heart of hearts and help me to forgive in reality. True forgiveness I believe is a spiritual matter.

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