Hanging Out With God

Last Sunday our pastor talked about “hanging out” with God. He said he didn’t mean doing anything in particular, just hanging out, because God is primarily interested in being in a relationship with us.  I thought about what “hanging out” means to me when it comes to my friends or family. Hanging out can mean sharing a cup of coffee or a meal or simply talking together.  But what does it mean to hang out with God? Are prayer, meditation, Bible study or fasting considered hanging out? I suppose they could be but I think hanging out means something more. It means more than a scheduled time to pray and study and meditate. It means more than a planned fast day. All those are good and should be part of our regular worship, but hanging out is not formal or structured. Hanging out is just being with someone we love and enjoy being with. So, this morning, over a cup of coffee, I just “hung out” with God. I hope he enjoyed it as much as I did!

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