No Red Phones!

When I mentioned to my daughter that I needed to upgrade my cell phone, she said, “I saw someone with a pretty red phone. See if they have red phones.” “OK,” I said, “but I’m not going to get a red phone.” With me it’s usually black, white, gray or some shade of tan. That goes for clothes, cars and just about everything else. When I got to the store, guess what, all they had in the model I wanted was red! Yes, they could order me another color, but the red phone was all they had in stock. It takes forever to get a phone and get everything transferred from your old phone to your new one. I didn’t want to wait around and spend another day in town, so I bought the red phone. You know, it’s kind of pretty! I always pray about large purchases like this. Maybe God thinks I need a little more color in my life.

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