The Last Matchstick

The year is ending and I’ve taken the last matchstick out of the box of suggestions my daughter gave me last Christmas. “Throw an impromptu party.” I’ve been to several Christmas parties already and I’ll probably go to dinner with friends on New Year’s Eve. So I’m getting kind of partied out. My impromptu party may have to wait. I hope you’ve enjoyed these matchstick suggestions and even followed through on some of them. They’ve helped me get out of my comfort zone more than once, and I appreciate that. Some of those suggestions were really hard for me, I admit. They reminded me that I need to think more about interacting with other people, wherever I am, wherever I go. Relationships are more important than all the jots and tittles of life I tend to focus on. People need to be acknowledged and noticed and appreciated. So that will definitely be an important goal for this closet hermit this coming year. Happy 2020!

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