A Donkey Story

On my way down Lindsay in Gainesville this week, I stopped to let a donkey cross the street. Though I live in horse country and see donkeys almost every time I’m out and about, this doesn’t happen every day. This little gray donkey was accompanied by a woman with a lead rope and they were headed to the Presbyterian Church on the corner. Every year they have a live nativity scene depicting what the birth of Christ might have looked like, so, of course, they needed a donkey. Donkeys have been featured throughout the Scriptures, from Balaam’s ass to the colt that carried Christ into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. A donkey, much like the one I saw, carried a very pregnant Mary to Bethlehem. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable that must have been for her.  Well, I can in a way. I remember how it felt to be nine-months pregnant. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to be riding a donkey being jolted over rough trails for miles in that state! In this wonderful season of remembering our Savior’s birth, let’s not forget the little teenage girl who was chosen to be his mother, and who accepted! Even on the cross, Jesus didn’t forget his mother.

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