The God Who Gives

I have a new name for God. If you remember, back in the Old Testament is the story of Hagar, the handmaid of Sarah and the mother, by Abraham, of Ishmael (Genesis 16). Sarah is sorry she ever brought up the idea of using a surrogate to bear her a child and makes Hagar’s life miserable. Finally Hagar can’t take Sarah’s abuse anymore and runs away into the desert. But Hagar is not forgotten by God. He sends an angel to encourage her to return to Abraham’s camp. In appreciation Hagar gives God a new name, El Roi or the God who sees me. Anyway, I figure if Hagar can give God a new name, why can’t I. My name for God is the God who gives before being asked. Think about it. He already knows what we need and what we’re going to ask before we ask. And he’s already set in motion his answer to our prayer. It’s a done deal. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ask, of course. Jesus says to ask, and that’s good enough for me. But keep in mind, God already knows and is working on it!

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