What’s the Magic Formula?

How does one approach God when you really want to get his attention? Is it using just the right words, something like “Open sesame” or some other magic formula? Or is it like rubbing an enchanted golden lamp and having your wishes answered, if you could just find that treasure! I believe that’s how we think sometimes, at least I’m guilty of that. Let’s see, how long has it been since I’ve fasted? Have I prayed enough this week—on my knees? Will God still hear my prayer? Feeling this way, even asking the question, is showing a lack of understanding of who God is. God is not hidden away like some kind of genie or treasure we have a difficult time finding. God is always there for us. He knows what we need before we ask and he’s ready and willing to listen to us. Am I saying, we don’t need to fast or pray—no.  But, we do that for the sake of us frail human beings, not for God. God’s love and concern is overwhelming! He is always there for us. He is LOVE.

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