Always the Season to Give

“Give something you don’t need to someone who could use it.” That’s the matchstick suggestion for this week, and I know just what to give and to whom. One of my daughters needs a crockpot and I have an extra one. Why do I have an extra? Because after I had taken a load of stuff to donate to a church thrift store, I couldn’t find my crockpot. So, I thought maybe I had put it in with my donations. After I bought a new crockpot, I found my old one in behind an appliance I seldom use, hidden way back in a cabinet. Giving something I don’t need is not showing true generosity, but I consider almost any kind of giving better than no giving at all. I wish I could say I’m always a cheerful giver, but cheerful or not, I’m always going to be a giver. That’s the Jesus way!

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