When Neighbors Become Friends

When I got home from church, a vase of white roses and sunflowers along with a bag of cookies and brownies greeted me on my porch—wedding reception leftovers. Two of my neighbors, both in their early 70s, got together last year and got married this last Saturday. The ceremony was traditional but with various personal touches that make weddings so enjoyable. Weddings are special, even when they’re not the first time around. The only problem, they’re selling both their houses and buying one of their own. That’s not their problem, it’s ours. We’re happy for them but not happy about losing two nice neighbors. We’ve established relationships over the years. I understand they want a place to start anew and make their own memories. I just hope it’s not so far away we can’t get together once in a while. Good neighbors should not be taken for granted.

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