A Caring Celebration

“Turn a project or task into a celebration: invite friends over to help.” That’s the matchstick suggestion for this week. Well, that’s what happened this weekend, only with family locally and from out of town. After Ed got older his two oldest sons would fly in twice a year and always ask for a list of projects. Now, four years since Ed’s death, they came again this last weekend, along with my daughters and sons-in-law.  Just some of the projects: My son-in-law Alan stacked my fireplace wood up high, replaced my faulty door bell, hooked up a needed remote and along with Ed’s sons Dan and Ken and Ken’s wife Andi carried off what I wanted to get rid of. Everyone got involved with getting my Christmas decorations down from storage. Daughter Tina figured out a problem on my laptop and all three girls reconfigured some of my bedroom furniture. Then we all went out to celebrate with Mexican food!  How blessed I am!

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