A Blessing List?

Not a bad idea: “Keep a list of good things that happen; when you’re feeling down, refer to it.” I kept a “blessings list” for many years, but don’t remember referring to it much, except to add another blessing. I didn’t start one this year. I felt so overwhelmed with blessings, I gave up on it. Maybe I should start a new list for the coming year because this matchstick suggestion list is of “good things that happen,” so maybe it goes beyond just a blessing list for me.  Actually, if my children or grands are blessed in some way, I feel blessed too. When our little church receives a blessing, I feel I got one too. When I use the word blessings, I’m referring to what goes beyond just material things and stuff. But, even with things and stuff, every good comes from God. If it’s good, it’s from God. OK, I’m feeling overwhelmed again! Thank you, Lord, for all your blessings!

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