Dill Pickles and Relationships

Speaking of relationships (my last post), one time I asked for dill pickles at a restaurant even though they weren’t part of the meal. Whenever my friends and I go there now, no matter what I order, if we get that waitress, I get dill pickle slices on the side. Though I often order senior meals, I tip the same as if it were a regular meal. That may be a factor in how she treats me, but I think it’s more than that. One of my friends likes multiple refills on her coffee. This waitress doesn’t need to be reminded. Over the years she has built a relationship with our group. Though we like to go to different places, that little Texas roadside barbecue restaurant has become one of our favorites. We feel welcome when we go there. She doesn’t think I’m weird because I like pickles with my meals (well maybe, but she doesn’t say so) or that my friend is a coffee-holic. It made me think, wouldn’t it be great if more people felt as comfortable going into churches.

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