Secrets to Happiness

The matchstick suggestion for this week: “Ask people older than you about their secrets to happiness.” Hey, it’s getting harder to find someone older than me! And older and happier than me, that could be even more difficult. OK, I do know a few people older than me, and I hope they’re happy. Older people put on a brave face, hiding their backaches and painful knees and other problems. When anyone asks me how I am, I say, “Fine!” And, most of the time, that’s true, but even when it isn’t, I still say fine. I figure though they ask, they really don’t want to hear about my aches and pains. But I am happy, and if someone asks me my secret to happiness, I can answer that question—close relationships. First and most important relationship is with God, then with family and then with friends. Other relationships can develop too, with those we don’t come in contact with that often, such as doctors, mail carriers and store clerks. God designed us to be in relationship, with him and with each other. When we are, we’re happy!

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