Don’t Muzzle the Ox

When I left Cracker Barrel, I spotted one of those long multipurpose horse trailers attached to a pickup truck in the parking lot. Not unusual here in north Texas. Three horses were sticking their heads out of their three little windows. I thought, you poor guys have to wait outside while your owners are inside feeding themselves. The truck and trailer were parked a distance from the restaurant so I decided to drive up close and say hi. When I got closer I saw I was mistaken. The horses each had their own bag of hay to munch on while they were waiting. How thoughtful. The scripture about not muzzling the ox treading the corn came to mind. I realize that particular scripture has a lot more to do with how to treat people than animals, but I believe those who have been taught to be kind to animals are a lot more likely to be kind to people. How wonderful to worship a God who is concerned not only about every one of us but about every lost sheep, fallen sparrow and ox stuck in a well.

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