Lonely in a Crowd

I’m one for making the best use of waiting time, whether in line at the supermarket or at the doctor’s or dentist’s office. Checking my phone always comes to mind first. So, this week’s matchstick reminder is a good one: “Make conversation while waiting instead of checking your phone.” With so much attention to our phones, people around us can feel invisible. (OK, sometimes I don’t mind feeling that way, but I’m an introvert.) A lot more communication goes on today but with a lot less personal contact. I really wonder if that could be a factor in much of the depression we hear about and the suicidal thoughts—and actions! People can feel lonely in a crowd. My excuse of being a bit introverted is no excuse. Could you picture Jesus with his eyes glued to his cell phone with other people around him?

One thought on “Lonely in a Crowd

  1. Thank you for this one…..I am the crazy extrovert who leaves strangers laughing. I try….TRY….not to sing in the elevator because that makes people nervous!


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