Old But Good Memories

At the Friends of the Library meeting this week, the guest speakers were a husband and wife team, retired professors, who had taken up teaching people how to write their personal stories. Each one was asked to tell a brief story from life. Some chose “climbing a tree” or about “a very old man or lady” in their life or “favorite foods.” I chose “a much loved teacher.” Most of us were older and grew up in the country so I’m sure the stories sounded almost unreal to the few younger (50ish) members. Long gone are the days when children were allowed the freedoms we older folks enjoyed as kids. I’m not saying those were better days, just different. I don’t believe in nostalgia for the “good old days,” which in many cases weren’t so good, depending on your gender, race or economic standing. But, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could allow our children and grandchildren the freedom to come and go and play wherever they wanted without fear or anxiety about their safety.

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