Active Love–Sharing

For those new to this site, every week I include a matchstick suggestion. My youngest daughter gave me a box for Christmas last year that looks like a matchbox but with “50 ways to celebrate the everyday.“ So I’ve been sharing one of those every week. As the year goes by, fewer and fewer matchsticks are left. I’ll miss them, most of them anyway. Some are quite challenging, at least for me. This week, not so much. “Share something you’ve been saving—a nice bottle of wine, a gift certificate.” This one even I can do. Why do we save things like that anyway? It reminds me of the rich man in Jesus’ parable in Luke 12 who planned to build bigger barns to hold all his crops and goods, not knowing he was going to die in a matter of hours. What are we waiting for? Let’s live in the present! That’s where God is.

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